ZOD War Museum Complex

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Our proposal for the “ZOD War Museum Complex” in Kosovo delves deeply into the profound connection between humans and the spaces and locations they inhabit.


These places hold not only visual significance but also carry a deep emotional and cultural meaning. They become a medium of mutual communication and dependence between individuals and their built or natural environments.




The scars left by the last war in Kosovo have left an indelible mark on both people and places. Our primary focus in designing the “ZOD War Museum Complex” was to preserve these memories as narratives that shape structures and various expressions. We also aimed to create installations, memorials, and new spaces that would not only conserve these memories but also empower them, allowing them to transcend into the collective consciousness of future generations.


Our design concept revolves around the idea of an open museum that coexists harmoniously with the existing structures within a closed garden, complete with an atrium and gallery. The careful blending of traditional museum elements within this larger ensemble provides a unique and immersive experience.

The initial step in our design process was to study the existing contextual elements and reinterpret them to generate fresh architectural concepts. Here, the synthesis of function and expression becomes paramount. Our approach prioritizes the integration, cohesion, and equilibrium between the old and the new.


Metaphorical interpretations of war, resistance, hospitality, and family unity, along with the exploration of national symbols, served as our primary sources of inspiration. These concepts formed the basis for our architectural strategy in initiating and developing the “ZOD War Museum Complex.”

Central to the entire composition is the flagpole, which serves as a focal point. It is surrounded by a water pond that gracefully extends to the atrium above, creating a visually striking and symbolic element. The entire complex is enveloped in a unified spatial structure materialized with ETFE, adding a modern and dynamic dimension to the historical and cultural narrative.


In essence, our design for the “ZOD War Museum Complex” is not merely a physical structure but a profound exploration of memory, heritage, and the enduring significance of place. It stands as a testament to the resilience and unity of a people, ensuring that the memories of the past continue to resonate with and inspire future generations.

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