Bear Sanctuary Prishtina

Bear Sanctuary



Landscape Design, Architecture, Procurement, Engineering, Supervision

Project Type
Private Investment


15 Ha

Bear Sanctuary Architecture project in Kosovo


The Bear Sanctuary, located near Badovc Lake is a unique development in the whole region.


Regarded as one of the best post-war projects ever developed in Kosovo. It is home to several bears, that were rescued in the region. In addition to existing facilities, a new training and educational center was designed in order to improve the public attention to animal welfare and environmental problems in Kosovo.

One of the core purposes of the Bear Sanctuary is to provide a safe haven for bears that have been rescued from various distressing situations in the region. Many of these bears were victims of illegal wildlife trade, captivity, or had been injured and needed rehabilitation. The sanctuary’s mission is to nurse them back to health and provide them with a peaceful and natural environment to live out their lives.

Bear Sanctuary
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