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Established in 2005, SMART PROJECT is an innovative architecture and engineering studio with a diverse portfolio that showcases our ability to tackle complex challenges. Our work is defined by a unique blend of philosophical depth and practical implementation, enabling us to approach each project with fresh ideas, concepts, and forms.


At SMART PROJECT, we tailor our methodology to the specific needs of each project, using thoughtful planning and the careful selection of distinctive, sustainable materials. Our commitment to continuous exploration ensures that we develop novel, bespoke solutions for every client.


As a unified community, we are driven by our shared passion for enhancing human experiences through architecture and design. With unwavering optimism and determination, we harness the transformative power of design to shape a future that fosters well-being and inclusivity for all.

Smart Project Studio

Our Collaboration

Our Team

SEBI scaled

Sabahidin Veseli

Founder & CEO


Banush Shyqeriu

Principal Designer & Quality Assurance Principal

Bedri scaled

Bedri Hyseni

Technical Director

VALMIR scaled

Valmir Veseli

Associate Partner

GONXHE 1 scaled

Gonxhe Zeqiri

Head of Administration

GENT scaled

Gentrit Krasniqi

Architect & Project Coordinator

SHERIF scaled

Sherif Budakova

Civil Engineer

MIMOZA scaled

Mimoza Prenaj



Qëndresë Tërmkolli


FISNIK scaled

Fisnik Shpejti

Infrastructure Engineer

BESFORT scaled

Besfort Ramadani


SHPRESE scaled

Shpresë Zeqiri

Visualization Artist

ATDHE scaled

Atdhe Haliti

Branch Office Coordinator

YLLEZA scaled

Yllëza Hoda


BEKIM scaled

Bekim Berisha


AGONA scaled

Agona Ramaj

Civil Engineer

DRILONA scaled

Drilona Muqolli

Administrative Assistant


Pranvera Hasani

Civil Engineer Intern

BLERON scaled

Bleron Shabani

Architectural Intern

AURELA scaled

Aurela Salihu

Architectural Intern

FESTON scaled

Feston Bajrami

Architectural Intern


Valmir Gashi

Architectural Intern

ZAIM scaled

Zaim Thaqi

Architectural Intern


Drin Rafuna

Architectural Intern

RIOLA scaled

Riola Destani

Architectural Intern

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