The Oasis

Oasis Project




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Private Investment


65 ha

The Oasis

“The Oasis” serves as a living testament to design innovation that not only reimagines architectural spaces but also infuses fresh vitality into the cities it adorns.


This multi-functional development is a remarkable departure from the ordinary, as it weaves seamlessly into its surrounding context, embodying a sense of potential and integrity that is truly exceptional. It aspires to offer an unparalleled range of functions, artfully blending retail, culture, and leisure into a cohesive narrative of design excellence. What sets “The Oasis” apart is not just the diversity of its offerings but its ability to unite them under a common theme of design, creating a holistic and harmonious experience for visitors.

Every facet of “The Oasis” is thoughtfully interwoven through open landscapes that transcend traditional boundaries, unlocking new possibilities for the two distinct sites it occupies. The central section of this development plays a pivotal role in linking all other functions together, acting as the beating heart of the complex. Here, meandering walking paths form an intricate loop that guides visitors through different zones, each revealing surprising spatial experiences and providing a panoramic view of the entire complex.


This deliberate design choice invites exploration and interaction, encouraging visitors to discover hidden gems and immerse themselves in a dynamic tapestry of spaces. Whether strolling through lush greenery, exploring cultural exhibitions, or simply basking in the leisurely ambiance, “The Oasis” promises an engaging and multifaceted journey that transcends the ordinary.

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