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Our proposal for the Yeonsu-gu Youth Center in South Korea was meticulously crafted to harmonize with the site’s existing conditions, leveraging the two adjacent buildings as major design influencers.


The critical element in our design approach was the space between these two structures, which serves as the pivotal passageway leading to the youth center. Our overarching strategy was to conceive a building that transcends time, embracing sustainability while radiating a sense of joy through its architectural form and functional spaces. These spaces were not merely constructed but rather born from the interpretations of local vernacular patterns, ingrained with the essence of the youth it would one day house.

Our design embodies the spirit of youth, capturing the essence of the vibrant energy that will inevitably fill the physical space. We envisioned a place where innovation, creativity, and community converge. The Yeonsu-gu Youth Center is not just a building; it’s a dynamic, living testament to the boundless potential and aspirations of the young generation, always at the forefront of progress and change.

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