Residential Building “Nord”

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Private Investment


52,800 m²

The residential building Nord represents a substantial development project in the emerging urban zone of Prizren, marking a significant step in the city’s evolution.


At its core, the design philosophy centers on fostering a sense of community and enhancing the quality of life for its residents. One of the paramount objectives of this project is the creation of ample public spaces, recognizing the importance of communal areas in modern urban living. To achieve this, the central expanse of the plot has been thoughtfully dedicated to an array of green spaces. These lush, landscaped areas not only offer a serene and visually pleasing environment but also serve as gathering points for residents to socialize, relax, and connect with nature.


Furthermore, the residential building Nord  integrates retail stores seamlessly into its design, cleverly positioning them just below the ground level. This innovative approach not only enhances the convenience of daily living for residents but also contributes to the vibrant character of the community. These retail spaces not only provide essential services but also foster a sense of local commerce and connection.


Beyond green areas and retail spaces, the project also boasts an assortment of recreational facilities, catering to a wide range of interests and preferences. These spaces are designed to promote an active and balanced lifestyle, encouraging residents to stay physically and mentally engaged. Whether it’s a fitness center, community gathering spots, or leisurely walkways, the complex offers a diverse array of opportunities for residents to enjoy their surroundings.

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