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6 Ha


The neighborhood, located in close proximity to Prishtina’s city center, represents a modern and well-planned residential development.

This enables the necessary proximity to the city as well as at the same time experiencing tranquility and comfort. The architectural solution of houses is the main feature of the neighborhood, which contains 106 houses spread over an area of 6 Ha. In addition, there is a medical center, nursery home, recreation park, and many other amenities.


The architectural design of the houses is a standout feature. These houses are carefully designed to blend aesthetics with functionality. The attention to detail and quality construction materials ensure comfortable and contemporary living spaces for residents.

The neighborhood is not just about housing; it’s a self-contained community. It boasts essential community facilities such as a family medical center, ensuring that healthcare services are easily accessible to residents. Additionally, a kindergarten on-site makes it convenient for families with young children.


Recreation is an integral part of this neighborhood. There are recreational facilities available for residents to unwind and enjoy leisure time. These spaces may include playgrounds, sports courts, or fitness areas.


Residents benefit from a high level of security and privacy. The neighborhood is designed to be isolated from external access points, and continuous camera monitoring enhances safety. Access is restricted to residents only, creating a secure and private environment.


The inclusion of a “Smart Home” system in each house is a forward-thinking feature. This system offers residents increased convenience and efficiency in managing their homes. It may include features like home automation, security systems, and energy management, all controllable through digital interfaces.

Each house comes with a basic package, but there’s flexibility for residents to customize their living spaces according to their preferences. This allows residents to personalize their homes to meet their unique needs and lifestyle.


Overall, this neighborhood aims to provide a well-rounded living experience, combining urban convenience with a peaceful and secure atmosphere. It is a testament to modern urban planning and offers a high standard of living for its residents.

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