Recreation & Sportive Center

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Shajkoc, Kosovo



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The Recreation Center project is an ambitious undertaking that seamlessly blends a variety of recreational and sports offerings to cater to the diverse interests of all stakeholders.


Beyond serving the local community, it also aims to position Kosovo as a welcoming host for international sports teams and clubs participating in various competitions, including but not limited to football and other sporting categories.

Recreation and Sportive Center

This project’s construction draws inspiration from established European models of recreation centers, incorporating best practices and design elements to create a multifunctional facility that meets the highest standards. With a focus on functionality and efficiency, the center is meticulously planned to ensure it possesses all the necessary infrastructure required for its day-to-day operations and the delivery of exceptional services to its clients.


In addition to top-notch sports facilities, the Recreation Center project is designed to provide a holistic experience, encompassing aspects of health, wellness, and leisure. It is not only a place for physical activity and training but also a hub for community engagement, cultural exchange, and personal development. The center will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, highly trained staff, and a welcoming environment to foster an inclusive and dynamic atmosphere.

Furthermore, the project seeks to contribute to the growth and development of sports in Kosovo by providing athletes with access to world-class amenities for training and competition preparation. By hosting international sports teams and clubs, the center aims to foster collaboration and cultural exchange, promoting Kosovo’s standing in the global sporting arena.

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