North Gate

North Gate Prizren

Prizren, Kosovo



Project Type
Private Investment


31.847 m²

North Gate Hotel



The North Gate Commercial Center in Prizren is a significant development that serves as a strategic landmark along the “Ibrahim Rugova” highway. This project is designed to meet the diverse needs of both travelers passing through the area and the local community.


Location and Accessibility: The project’s prime location on the “Ibrahim Rugova” highway ensures easy access for travelers and local residents alike. It acts as a gateway to Prizren and provides a convenient stopping point for those traveling along the highway.

North Gate Aerial View

Mixed-Use Development: The North Gate Commercial Center is a mixed-use development that combines a shopping center, a hotel, and a gas station. This diverse range of amenities caters to various needs and preferences of visitors.


Shopping Center: The shopping center within the complex offers a wide array of retail outlets, including stores, boutiques, and supermarkets. It provides an excellent shopping experience for both residents and travelers looking to make purchases during their journey.


Hotel: The inclusion of a hotel is a valuable addition to the project, offering accommodation options to travelers who may need to rest or stay overnight. This not only enhances the convenience of the complex but also promotes tourism and longer stays in the Prizren region.


Gas Station: The gas station within the development is an essential service for travelers, ensuring that they have access to fuel, refreshments, and other necessities while on the road. It contributes to the overall functionality and attractiveness of the project.


Separated Segments: The North Gate Commercial Center is unique in that it is divided into two distinct segments, with the highway running through the middle. These two parts function independently but complement each other. This design caters to the different needs of travelers and residents while optimizing traffic flow.

Retail Prizren

Economic Impact: The North Gate Commercial Center is likely to have a positive economic impact on the region by generating employment opportunities, attracting visitors, and potentially stimulating business growth in the area.


In summary, the North Gate Commercial Center in Prizren is a multifaceted development strategically positioned to serve the needs of both travelers and the local community. Its mix of amenities, accessibility, and community engagement make it a noteworthy project in the region.

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