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Smart Project hosts Workshop on Innovation in Architecture & Career Motivation

Following the issues, trends and developments in the field of Architecture, Smart Project held its second workshop this year, discussing the current challenges our company faces and the ways we can work towards improving our work more efficiently. The meeting started with the company founder, Mr. Sabahidin Veseli giving an introduction of the company’s history and its challenges for the last 17 years. One of the biggest challenges, being the level of education present in our country, which reflects in all professional fields. Afterwards, the quality assurance principal began his speech on the subject of Art, Architecture and science of building, the way creativity, Innovation and other skills impact all of the above. The workshop continued through the interactive discussions between the staff. The creative and innovative part of the process was discussed to be furthermore enhanced, through the upcoming researches and studies planned to be developed by our staff. Another important topic discussed, was that of career motivation, by our guest speaker, at the same time an external collaborator of our company, Mr. Bajram Fusha. He stressed on the most important factors that motivate us on our workplaces. Moreover he reminded the importance of a healthy workplace environment and effective communication between colleagues.

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