Swiss Bau


Under Construction

Architecture, Engineering

Project Type
Private Investment


19,500 m²

“Swiss Bau” is a mixed-use complex developed by a local company in Prizren. It is part of an urbanized block in the north-eastern side of the city. The main feature of the projects, is the use of the brick on the façade. The bricks have a transition of color coming from the retail level up to the housing.
The complex is divided into 4 different sections. Apart from the housing, the complex consists also of a common public area for the residents and a playground for the children.

Zahir Pajaziti Square

Urban Design

Ibrahim Rugova Square

Urban Design

Bear Sanctuary Prishtina

Urban Design

University Campus Epitech

Health & Education

Underpass Bill Clinton

Retail Urban Design

Outer Arc

Mixed Use Retail

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