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New Business Park Proposal near the city of Prishtina

With the ever growing number of businesses inside of Kosovo, there has been at the same time a great demand for adequate spaces for existing companies that need to expand and newly founded ones. The pandemic’s impact on the return to work also changed the trends in commercial real estate. As a result, businesses consideration of real estate office space was influenced too. More companies are now working in blended environments. People are moving out to offices in the suburban areas, just moving out from the city. Even though there is an increase in remote workforce, it is estimated that 80% of career success is literally showing up and meeting people. Aligning the evolving demands of businesses with the realities of flexible work will be the next challenge facing companies in the near future. That is why, we at Smart Project were on the look to expand this idea further and create new opportunities for the market.

The new business park proposal near the city of Prishtina is a great opportunity for those who are looking to expand their business. The modern design and vast space will allow the companies to grow, while still maintaining a work-life balance through the other amenities the complex will offer. In addition, the proximity to the airport will make it easy for clients from around the region to visit the offices. The complex is positioned inside an area of 3 hectares. It lies between two main roads which gives more flexibility in terms of access and logistics. Since the plot is around 60 meters wide and around 450 meters long, the volume of the building was fragmented to produce a more viable solution and offer more lighting for the modules. The complex is divided into 9 independent modules for various businesses and 1 module is dedicated for a hotel. The modules are meant to operate independently to offer more to different varieties of industries. Each module has a total area of 4,800 m² to 9,000 m². The complex has a total area of 81,000 m².

The complex is open for investors who are looking to invest in a new, innovative idea with the potential of becoming something big and revolutionary for the existing market. Call us or schedule a meeting through our contacts page to receive additional information.

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