For us as a humans it is important the atmosphere and space, how it makes us feel, experiencing and seeing things.In this direction had been always our work, thinking, studying the space and its conception of philosophy

SMART PROJECT has been established in 2005 with the experience taken in the field of architecture and engineering.What makes it more interesting this company is the variety of projects as:

  • Urban Planning
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Public Spaces
  • Environmental Projects
  • Objects of Various Natures
  • Interior Design

Our practice is a deeply philosophical commitment in every new project, planning and the use of unique and sensitive materials based on constant exploration of ideas and forms using a specific methodology for each project. In essence of our architecture is the ability to take a new looks of design issue through the eyes and experience. Our approach aims intensive research and analysis of theoretical and practical issues in going forces of designing. With the development of rigorous methods of analysis and execution, we combine innovative thinking and efficient.